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Presidents letter

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What do you see?
The branch of physics that studies the behavior and properties of light is called Optics. Our Optics are developed, ingrained, adjusted, fuzzy, and clear. They develop based on our environment, upbringing, culture, experience, education and even home team bias. It is why we shout at the umpire “what game are you watching”.
What many have seen of The Ridges, scratch that, Mountain Harbour has not been very good for a long time. Developer’s broken promises, Wachovia Bank, Financial crises’, Save the Golf Course, Wells Fargo, Sell the Golf Course, Buy the Golf Course, Landslides, unfinished roads, and unsold lots.
What I see of Mountain Harbour today is a community of immense beauty, serenity, and potential. A wonderful place to come to from the big city either for a brief break, or a permanent stay. An affordable area to live where neighbors help neighbors, and an army of active adults and families who volunteer for the common good. I see a golf course, now owned free and clear, with improving playing conditions, and a great valued membership. I see a place with high speed internet that allows you to work, zoom, and collaborate from the comforts of your cozy home. I see a place where the optics are definitely changing for the better, and as Jordan Miller says in his song Hayesville, “wash all my stress downstream when I hit the blue ridge dirt and think of life at its worth”.
What do you see? Come see for yourself.

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