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It’s a wild life!

It’s A Wild life!
One day my wife was returning to our Mountain Harbour community when she had an exciting encounter. Have you ever had the feeling of being watched? She came in through our front entrance and it was along the winding road, through the woods, where she had that exact sense. She slowed down and looked around to figure out where her sensation was coming from. Then, she made eye contact and stopped the car while reaching for her phone and at the same time keeping her eyes fixed on the prize. Watching her, from the slope of a hill at eye level, was a Bobcat curiously starring at her as she was it, both intrigued by the other.
I have enjoyed wildlife photography around the world and have filmed unusual subjects like muskox and grizzly bears and have lived in many places in the US, but we now reside here in Hayesville. We love the changing seasons and have been greatly impressed with the diversity of wildlife that can be seen in our own neighborhood every season.
Our beautiful Mountain Harbour community hosts a wide variety of wildlife including black bears, numerous Canadian geese, foxes, deer, a flock of turkeys and the occasional very elusive bobcat. The season when wild turkey chicks appear is especially fun. Each animal shares a very symbiotic relationship with their human neighbors.
With the many different types of shelter, ponds and streams running through our golf course, combined with the surrounding mountain vistas, there is an abundance of wildlife that would rival Denali itself. With no hunting in the immediate area, our neighborhood has created an inviting setting for our wildlife residents. They somehow seem to know it’s a safe haven. It’s not unusual to drive by a half dozen deer that show little or no interest in running away.
One of the unexpected surprises living in this area is having a cup full of wildlife almost every day. The best show times are dawn and dusk.
The Metzgers have lived in our Mountain Harbour neighborhood for many years.

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