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I’m going crazy!!

I’m Going Crazy!  What can I do?

I assume that I am not the only one running out of projects and really tired of TV.  What can I do with my wife and friends that would provide fresh air, exercise, and be safe under these circumstances?

The answer was right in my back yard- golf at Mountain Harbour.  It is open and meets the NC required guidelines.  So, we headed out to the course; obviously, the course had not changed, but we soon learned that many of the rules have.  First, we entered with our face masks on, which was appreciated by the golf staff.  They provided sanitizer so we could clean our hands after handing over our credit card.  As we were setting up our tee time, my wife started shopping!  It has been so long since going to the mall or store, and she is not even a shopaholic. While she browsed, I too shopped…for beer- and purchased some right there in the pro shop.  As we were leaving, we stopped by the Mountain Harbour real estate information center.  We live here, but it was interesting to see what homes and lots are available.

Then we got our first surprise- the golf shop offered us private carts at no extra charge. All the carts had been cleaned and wiped thoroughly with a disinfectant.  We passed on this opportunity of personal separate carts since we live together and are not social distancing from each other.  However, as we headed out, we saw many foursomes with their own private carts. 

Golf is still the most frustrating sport I have ever played; regardless of all the new rules to keep us safe from the virus germs, it still is …….

I reached into my bag for a ball and found one, a little dirty, so I looked for the ball washer.  It was gone as well as the wiping towel.  Ok, another good catch: everyone using the same ball washer and towels is not sanitary.  After many, many strokes we reached the green-a miracle in itself!  Avoiding the sand trap, was a first for us, as we noticed that the sand trap rake had disappeared-another germ passing possibility.  The Mountain Harbour Golf staff had thought of everything.  There is more!

Now we are finally on the green, believe it or not.  All we must do is put that little ball in the hole, which give a satisfying sound.  We left the flagpole in the hole-new PGA rules, who ever those people are!   Let’s get back to my fourth putt.   It goes in but where is my favorite Kerplunk sound?   Another Covid virus protection?  The golf course staff has placed a foam gasket around the base of the flag so you can easily reach down and pick it up with you little fingers to keep your germs to yourself.

Well I almost forgot to tell you how wonderful the day was.  We enjoyed the fresh air, exercise, good beer, and being safe .  It was also nice to see father-son twosomes and whole families playing golf or at least getting out of the house. 

Wave hello when you, pass the 13th green, (stay below the hole!)

Bill Meldram

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